phrasal verb

To shock or surprise someone very much.
When someone is taken aback, he is surprised.



  • bowl over
  • blow one’s mind
  • shock tactics
  • contrary to all expectations
  • knock someone for six
  • take somebody unawares
  • bring up short
  • a blinding flash
  • knock for a loop
  • rattle one’s cage
  • a bolt out of the blue
  • knock someone for a loop
  • take someone’s breath away
  • knock off one’s feet or pins
  • catch somebody off guard
  • catch napping or off guard
  • hit somebody between the eyes
  • catch somebody on the hop
  • catch somebody on the wrong foot

Sentence Examples

You must understand that I am taken aback by this unexpected visit.

Lucia was momentarily taken aback by the rude question.

Sattler looked completely taken aback. “What? No!”