Having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread.
Filled or overcome with awe or wonder.



  • bowled over
  • hero worship
  • struck dumb
  • give somebody their due
  • fall to your knees
  • bowled over
  • in honour of something
  • think highly of somebody
  • someone deserves a medal
  • to give the devil his due
  • tug at your forelock
  • cover yourself with glory
  • make an impression on somebody
  • put somebody on a pedestal
  • sit at the feet of somebody
  • pay your respects

Sentence Examples

They paused on the threshold and gazed awestruck.

But judging by the awestruck expression on Marielle’s face, there was no joking involved.

I was awestruck by the life he’d made while we were apart.