With the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe.
In a state of astonishment, wonder, expectation, or eager attention.



  • with mouth agape
  • not believe your luck
  • have palpitations
  • not believe your eyes
  • not know what hit you
  • all agog
  • as though you’ve seen a ghost
  • be like a rabbit caught in the headlights
  • on tenterhooks
  • almost have a heart attack
  • not believe your ears
  • on the tiptoe of expectation
  • your eyes pop out of your head
  • leap out of your skin
  • eyes out on stalks
  • be struck dumb

Sentence Examples

The witty bird tilted his head, and cawed a few times, keeping his mouth agape after the last caw, with his wings outstretched.

I stood in awe of the man and am certain that my mouth was agape during his talk.

Every one was agape with astonishment again.