Increase Vocabulary and Give Variety to Writing

An essential reference tool for anyone interested in languages

Practical and Easy to Use

Sometimes, we need a reference source — a place where we can find the word that will fit perfectly into our piece of writing. Being able to find the appropriate word can make a world of difference when it comes to writing a professional email, a blog article or any other piece of writing.

That’s where this dictionary comes in. The object of this writer companion is to remind users of words, similar in meaning, that might not spring readily to mind. This handy tool is intended to provide writers with synonyms they can use to make their pieces of writing very unique. The dictionary does not only contain synonyms for words but also sample sentences regarding the correct use of each of the similar words.

Enrich Your Writing

Thesaurus is Latin for “treasure house”. And that’s exactly what this online dictionary offers you — a rich source for vocabulary building that quickly provides every writer with the perfect word to fit the occasion.

This writing tool has been compiled to enable its users to develop, broaden and enrich their awareness of the English vocabulary.

More Than Just a Thesaurus


Related Words

For each word you’ll find a list of related words. Go through them until you find the word that is most suitable for your sentence.


Appropriate Context

Illustrative Sentences

This dictionary Includes sufficient example sentences, which illustrate the main entry word in a manner that users can easily understand.

Appropriate Context

Accurate Definitions


Contains definitions of the various headwords, as well as comments on particular usages of the items.

Accurate Definitions

Helpful Usage Notes

Usage Labels

Usage labels are employed to guide the user that particular words or phrases may be restricted to certain social context or situations.

Helpful Usage Notes

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